Amazon Customer Reviewer Theseus says "CHERNIAK's underground books about Cannabis and Hashish... have achieved Cult, Prophet Status" almost Messianic. (on this page's review, directly below, by Theseus posted on December 13, 2010). The 1st trilogy of The GREAT BOOKS of HASHISH

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"CULT status" for LAURENCE CHERNIAK now named as Prophet and almost Messianic.
Reply: This is what can happen to an artist who loves his art work. For example: art work like you see in the following new collection of over 1,500 new marijuana art images which are moving out nicely. Much more coming of over 1,500 new artworks before March 1, 2011. They are being displayed on several items like magnets, stickers, bumper stickers, logos, letterheads, buttons, and skins etc.

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Celebrating a wonderful book launching event of the 3rd English edition of The GREAT BOOKS of HASHISH at AMSTERDAM'S famed CANNABIS COLLEGE. Below from left to right (looking at the foto we are LEIGHTON COOKE, JOHN FOSTER (GREY ZONE), BEN DRONKERS, ANDY (CANNABIS COLLEGE) LAURENCE CHERNIAK and AMSTERDAM BILLY all holding books by LAURENCE.
Below: Rasta theme designs applied to buttons.
Below: Large plastic bag with over 200 different designs on the buttons.
From left to right: GAIL, LAURENCE, KRISTINA and TED at the CANNABIS BUYERS CLUB dispensery. GAIL and TED are two of the greatest people anywhere and mount most of their activities on the University of Victoria, British Columbia's campus. Photo taken in mid September 2010 when Mr. C. was invited to give the first semester's lecture in the 2011 Hempology 101 course.

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The limited edition acid free print being displayed is one of Mr. CHERNIAK's paintings. Entitled; "VALLEY TO ENTRANCING DREAMS".
From left to right as you are looking at the above are JOHN,LAURENCE, MIKE & ELLIE (CROSS-TOWN staff).
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The Great Books of Hashish Volume ONE, Book ONE
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